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Turquoise Duo
Turquoise Duo
Chatelherault Country Park
  • SLLC Young at Heart Festival presents
  • Turquoise Duo
    (classical – oboe and piano duo)

    Chatelherault Country Park
    Friday 27 March

    Turquoise Duo is an ensemble created in 2015 with the aim of exploring classical music with a special focus on Cuban, Spanish and Scottish Folklore.
    Daniel Hart (piano) and Clara Lafuente (oboe) were born respectively in Cuba and Spain, and met whilst studying at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. The home countries of the players bring to the repertoire a Mediterranean and Caribbean flavour, mixed with the Scottish culture from where the group has been developing. 
    They have performed in the Aberdeen International Youth Festival as part of Live Music Now, a program which offers performance opportunities in places where people rarely have the chance to listen to live music. With their versatile repertoire they hope to please every kind of audience.

    Their most recent performances took place at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, St. Margaret Episcopal Church and Renfield St Stephen’s Church.

    Turquoise duo is extremely excited to be part of the Young at Heart Festival. Faithful to its Spanish and Scottish roots, they have prepared a varied programme that will include some of the Scottish old classics, baroque arias and a few Spanish and Latin gems.


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