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The Battle of George Square
The Battle of George Square
East Kilbride Arts Centre

The Battle of George Square
Friday 22 February 2019 / 7.30pm
£12.00 / £10.00

January the 31st 1919 and 80 000 strikers, many soldiers returning from the trenches of France and facing extreme poverty, pour into George Square in Glasgow to protest against mass unemployment and  having to work a forty - seven hour week. Things soon got out of hand as the police baton charged the crowd. The riot act was read and the leaders arrested. The secretary of war, Winston Churchill; felt that Scotland was on the verge of a socialist revolution and ordered the tanks to be sent on to the streets of Glasgow.

The Scottish soldiers at Maryhill barracks were locked in, in case they joined the strikers and English soldiers were sent to Glasgow with machine guns being placed on the roof of the city chambers. Scotland was a tinder box of revolutionary fever. The personal cost of the uprising has not been told. The leaders of the strike being sent to prison and suffered many deprivations but their names went down in Scottish history as the Red Clydesiders.

To mark the centenary of this landmark battle, the 3 China's theatre company are re-enacting the events that led towards this pivotal moment in Scottish history, showing the heroic events as well as the great Glasgow humour that saw them survive.

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