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Horizontal Collaboration
Horizontal Collaboration
East Kilbride Arts Centre
  • Fire Exit presents
  • Suitable for 16+, contains distrubing descriptions of sex and violence
  • Fire Exit Presents
    Horizontal Collaboration
    By David Leddy

    Friday 27 October 2017 / 8.00pm
    £10.00 / £8.00 

    One act 60 minutes.  Supported by Creative Scotland

    Horizontal Collaboration is a courtroom drama with a dark twist where sex, power and politics collide with emotion, seduction and destruction. Four steely U.N. lawyers read out startling interview transcripts from their laptops in an explosive tribunal concerning ‘horizontal collaboration’ - the name given to the supposed wartime crime of having sex with an enemy soldier. The intense stillness of the courtroom contrasts with the volatile narrative that unfolds around Judith K, an African warlord’s wife. After her husband’s assassination, Judith becomes leader and takes her people on a treacherous path towards peace… or does she? And can women ever be given the freedom to lead in a different way from men?

    Written and directed by David Leddy, who is described as a 'leading theatrical innovator' (The Times), an ‘institution’ (Independent), a ‘maverick’ and a ‘genius’ (Scotsman).

    Shortlisted for Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award.

    Suitable for age 16+, contains disturbing descriptions of sex and violence