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Big Goldilocks and the Three Bears Plus...
Big Goldilocks and the Three Bears Plus...
East Kilbride Arts Centre
  • Booster Cushion Theatre
  • Booster Cushion Theatre
    Big Goldilocks and the Three Bears Plus…
    Sunday 25 August 2019 / 2.00pm

    Everything is in disguise and the story goes into the skies with this comical retelling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. This comical story is retold through a massive 6ft tall book complete with pop ups and props coming out of the book!

    Big Goldilocks wanders off from her parents into the forest but soon gets lost, getting hungry, grumpy and tired. The forest animals decide to escape before she gets even more grumpy on an Animal Rescue Centre which flies high throughout the skies! Goldilocks arrives at the Three Bears house for a big bowl of cereal but soon it’s up to the audience to help scare her away…

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